Détente \dā-ˈtänt\ : Relaxation

The French word Détente means a release of tension, like the natural loosening of a bow after it has been drawn taut. Our restaurant is an ode to the state of unwinding. 

A place to relax. Détente is a cozy, modern seasonal kitchen tucked back in Nevin Square, in downtown Edgartown, on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. Since 2005, husband and wife team Kevin and Suzanna Crowell have been curating an atmosphere focused on relaxation, tranquility and thoughtfully prepared culinary creations. By working with local farmers and fishermen, Détente's menu revolves around the freshest ingredients available. The restaurant's frequently changing menu features inventive American fare with European influences, local seafood, hand rolled pasta and house-made desserts. The extensive wine list includes regional favorites and hidden gems from all around the world, in every budget. Enjoy dinner in either the upstairs or main floor dining room, outside on the breezy garden patio, or at the beautiful soapstone bar.

Kevin and Suzanna Crowell traveled Europe to gain inspiration before opening Détente

Kevin and Suzanna Crowell traveled Europe to gain inspiration before opening Détente

A true passion project. Owners Kevin and Suzanna first met on Martha's Vineyard while working at the iconic Edgartown restaurant Savoir Fare. Their shared passion for food, wine, travel, and adventure brought them together initially, and continues to fuel their success today. What began with a catering business headquartered out of a cramped apartment and a secondhand van, has evolved into the most romantic restaurant on Martha's Vineyard

A thoughtful approach and the perfect space. Over the course of an adventurous winter abroad, Kevin and Suzanna explored the culinary techniques and flavors of Spain, Italy, and France. They honed in on the best aspects of each country's culinary customs, and used their learnings to inform their dream restaurant. Upon returning to the island to begin the search for the perfect location, they were serendipitously given the opportunity to purchase the current home of Détente on Valentine's Day, 2005.  

Love, and the connection between people and their relationship to food, has always been at the core of what they do, and it's still the driving force behind Détente today.

You are invited to experience the cuisine, the space, and the passion that they share with their guests.